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We are experts. Each and every one of us. Every one of us has played a role in the creation of the PHANTOM. We are very proud. Proud of our life's purpose and philosophy. Because we know that we will always manufacture here. In the Czech Republic, in Europe. We build up the best bikes with an original style.

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Coming up with the actual product, designing its shape and innovating its details is a matter for the designer and his experience. But knowing how to put the result into production involves a much more profound concept and detailed knowledge in many technical branches.

Milan Duchek. Head of development. In 1993 he founded the company DURATEC. He turned it into a first-class brand.  He is the creator and designer of the Phantom frame and the originator of the Onepiece Technology production process.


To manufacture the top-class products require the top-class equipment. We have equipment which is used to manufacture aircraft and Formula 1 cars. Using these machines we have developed technologies where we have eliminated potential errors caused by glued joins. We call it OnePiece Technology, because it is a single-piece production technology - without any joins.

Thanks to the Onepiece Technology we have developed in the firm we can manufacture a Phantom frame in one piece. Without any joins. Even the frame dropouts are moulded and laminated in a single step.


How sharp must be the knife that cuts the world's strongest fibre? How adroit must be the hands that can fit more than three hundred pieces? How many years does it take to come up with something so unique? It's not easy. It needs the right personality, a quality idea, and extremely adroit hands.

The aluminium block clamped into the CNC milling centre weighs 145 kg. It takes about 180 hours to machine the main mould for the Phantom. We spend several days roughing the mould, we remove layer after layer, sharpen the tools and then we perform the finish milling, which results in a mould with mirror finish weighing 16 kg.

All bike brands like to claim their production methods are unique. The truth is that most brands make their carbon frames in much the same way, using similar materials, often in the same factories in the Far East. So when we find a brand that really does do things differently, we sit up and take notice.

Peter Stuart, CYCLIST.CO.UK


The british Cyclist Magazine focused on road cycling has tested the road bike Phantom and has compared it to the other world brands on the market. How did the Phantom compete in the high competition? How is the Phantom perceived by an independent rider? What are his feelings from riding? See the edition 077 / Aug. 2018, page 170.


Impact test - The european norm says the frame must resist the weight 70 kg in impact. Duratec Phantom guarantees the weight 110 kg in impact. Phatome is more than 57% above the norm and its limits.

Follow the area near saddle where are the weights. You can see how comfortable the Phantom is in this area and how stiff is near the bottom bracket and under the headtube. This is exactly what you need for your top racing. 


Discover other possibilities in the online configurator and configure your very own Phantom


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